April 11, 2019

RK-TCS Management Team at York University

by Andrew R in Blogs, University

RK-TCS was excited to be invited back to York University to share a bit about our career journeys and experiences in the areas of business process management with a class. We decided to bring the RK-TCS Management Team to share the different paths our careers have taken to bring us together. Seeing these students in their seats made me think back when I was in school and how I couldn’t wait for my career to start. I’m glad they went easy on us when we presented to them and asked great questions to help us make the session more interactive.     

This was second time RK-TCS presented at York University but the first time Anne and I joined Rekha to help with the presentation. It was great because we had Anne join us in the classroom virtually from the Philippines, projecting her on the classroom screen so students could see her live. We each shared our career journeys that ultimately led to our role in RK-TCS today. One thing I noticed is how we all have different skills and experiences, but complement each other with the unique skills we bring to the table the get the job done. Part of the message we really wanted to portray to the class was the importance and value of teamwork. It was cool having Anne with us virtually to show the lifestyle implications and value to clients of having a global team that can offer support around the clock to clients.

Unlike the class last semester, this class was an evening class which had a range of students from all stages of life within their career. It was interesting to see the range of students’ experience and interest in business process management and how this class would benefit them in their career aspirations. Rekha did a great job of giving examples throughout the presentation about issues that can arise on real projects in the work environment. She gave the students positive pointers on how to deal with these issues and how to get to the root of the problem. The seasoned professionals had lots of interesting questions that Rekha answered effectively and with a bit of humour. We came prepared with some fun giveaways for the students, including pens and our newly created RK-TCS brochure – everyone loves prizes and giveaways!

Overall, we had fun presenting at York University for the first time as a team. We hope we inspired the students to continue to develop valuable skills that will help them stand out from the rest and get the job done! We also hope we demonstrated that there is strength in numbers and that teamwork is more fun than trying to do everything on your own! We look forward to continually improving our presentation again for the next semester and sharing more of our experiences from client projects with the next class!

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