December 10, 2018

RK-TCS at York University Campus!

by Rekha K in Blogs

People who know me, know that I will never miss an opportunity to connect with students to share my career experiences in the hope that it will make a difference to even one student’s personal career journey. Even during the periods when I travelled extensively, I found ways to connect with local schools seeking out business classes that would benefit from hearing from someone working in the industry.

It was with great pleasure and excitement that I accepted the invitation from Dr. Younes Benslimane to be a guest lecturer on November 22, 2018 to address his Business Process Management Systems class at the York University Keele Campus. These students were actually learning about the methods, tools and techniques I have used on so many of my client engagements, so the topic could not have been more relevant and aligned to my career experiences.

What made this experience extra special for me, was that this was the first time that I was doing so under the banner of RK-TCS. The whole RK-TCS Management Team contributed to the preparation for this presentation. Andrew made sure we had giveaways and prizes available and Anne developed key questions for the students, so the session would be interactive, fun and engaging.

It was thrilling to spend time with the class – the students were curious, asked excellent questions and actively participated. I had a total blast and came away feeling great – and I knew for sure it was a success when I received the standing invitation from Dr. Benslimane to come visit his class again in future semesters. For sure, I look forward to visiting York University again soon!

By Rekha Kulshreshtha, President & Managing Partner, RK-TCS

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