December 7, 2018

Introducing the RK-TCS Website and Blog!

by Rekha K in Blogs

It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce the RK-TCS Website and Blog to the world today! Since our launch 2 years ago, we have been slowly but steadily developing different components of our business while supporting clients. We plan to use the website to share information about our services and the blog to communicate regularly with all of you about activities and developments that we are excited about and feel you will find interesting.

Our journey to this day started with Andrew Reed introducing us to Daniel Miranda Moreno of MWKS Creative ( over 2 years ago. We engaged Daniel to create our logo and branded document and presentation templates as our initial engagement. We knew Daniel understood who we are and what we do for our clients when we saw the company logo he created for us – the imagery of two hands collaborating and providing support and strength. We aspire to strengthen our clients’ ability to succeed through providing collaborative support through our consulting services. We knew then, that when we were ready, Daniel’s company would be building our website.

Fast forward a couple of years, a series of successful client engagements, a formalized management team, and a clearly defined vision of who we are and what we want to do, and it was time to call upon Daniel and his team to get started on the website.

It’s been a really exciting project – seeing our vision materialize into something that we feel is truly ours. We have spent countless hours selecting graphics, icons and word-smithing the content until we were all happy it represents the messages we want to convey.

Many, many thanks to Anne Katherine Bangayan who led the charge in getting us organized, putting together a project plan and working with Daniel and his team to keep us on track to launch this website. And of course, hats off to Daniel and his team for putting up with all our questions, feedback and revisions as we went through the process of developing content for the website. On behalf of the RK-TCS Management Team, I know we are thrilled and really proud of how it has turned out. We look forward to receiving feedback from our clients and consultants.

Visit us regularly at this website and watch for new blog posts – we have a plan to publish blogs regularly, authored by our management team members as well as some of our consultants.


By Rekha Kulshreshtha, President & Managing Partner, RK-TCS

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