RK-TCS Celebrates 3 Years in Business!

It seems like only yesterday that I attended a “Business Women of Toronto” networking event where the presenter shared her experiences and lessons learned from working as an independent consultant. I had been thinking about this path as a potential for myself and this event confirmed my view that this may be right for me. I started to brainstorm on company name. Some people said it doesn’t really matter, but for me, this was important. My company name had to represent ALL of who I was and communicate the full breadth of capabilities that I would bring to my clients. And I was pretty clear that I wanted my name in it somewhere too. I tried a few variations but eventually landed on RK Transformation Consulting Services and never looked back.


It was all just a “twinkle in my eye” until a past colleague called and asked if I was interested in independent consulting. Of course, I was – I had been thinking about it for months! Then the whirlwind started – Meetings with the accountant, meetings with the bank, meetings with my first potential client, etc. I still remember the emotions at each stage. Picking up the incorporation papers and then setting up the bank accounts – holding all the approved paperwork and feeling “Oh My God – I may have no money in this business yet, but Oh My God, my company is REAL!” Then there was the other emotion – the client was anxious to get started as soon as possible, so no time for frills. Being the perfectionist that I am, while I was happy with my first contract, it really bothered me that I didn’t have a sharp-looking company logo on it! Within a few months, I hired a creative graphics company to iron that wrinkle out.


As I look back at our journey since those early days, much like a 3-year old toddler, we had so many firsts. First client, first contract, first income deposit, first project change request, first corporate tax return, first business partnership, first supplier agreement, first batch of business cards, first batch of logo-ware, launch of our website and social media, first version of our chart of accounts and so much more! I’m proud of all that we have accomplished – and I say “we” because I couldn’t have done it alone. I was fortunate to have a small ‘village’ of people who contributed in so many ways to help move the vision forward. I love birthdays, and it’s important to pause and celebrate – Happy Birthday, RK-TCS! And a heart-felt THANK YOU to all the people in my village – you know who you are!


As I look forward to the coming years, there is so much more to do as we continue to grow. I’m anxious to get it all done yesterday – but am reminded by my fellow small business owners that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I hear that it takes 5 – 7 years to fully establish a business and I look forward to fondly looking back at these formative years in the future – right now, all I see is so much more that needs to be done! The best is yet to come.



By Rekha Kulshreshtha, President, RK-TCS


RK-TCS joins the Richmond Hill Board of Trade!

I’m pleased to announce that RK-TCS has become a member of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade this month!

We felt it was the right time for us, as a company, to become more involved in the local community. I heard from a local lawyer that being a member of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade had really helped him grow his business over the last 7 years. I recently asked a fellow small business owner for suggestions on where to go to hire specific services for my business and he recommended working through the local board of trade. All signs seemed to indicate that there was value in joining the Richmond Hill Board of Trade as we continue to expand our client and consultant base. So earlier this month, I took the leap, not feeling completely sure if it would be worthwhile or not. I figured, I’ll try it for a year and then see if we want to continue being a member beyond that.

I was pleasantly surprised that within less than a week, I started to see invitations to events in the community that immediately piqued my interest. I signed up for an educational series – always good to stay on top of the latest and greatest in HR and legal considerations. Met some amazing and passionate people at the first event. The next day, I joined a very well-attended Women in Business Networking Session which included a short presentation on issues important to small business and a round-table of introductions. Amazingly, among the group were women running small businesses to provide some of the services I was looking for – I love win-win scenarios!

I’m so glad we joined the Richmond Hill Board of Trade and encourage other small businesses in the area to join – I began to see value within the first week. I suspect I will be like the small business owner I met at my first event who said she had been a member for more than 20 years. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between RK-TCS and the Richmond Hill Board of Trade!


RK-TCS at York University Campus!

People who know me, know that I will never miss an opportunity to connect with students to share my career experiences in the hope that it will make a difference to even one student’s personal career journey. Even during the periods when I travelled extensively, I found ways to connect with local schools seeking out business classes that would benefit from hearing from someone working in the industry.

It was with great pleasure and excitement that I accepted the invitation from Dr. Younes Benslimane to be a guest lecturer on November 22, 2018 to address his Business Process Management Systems class at the York University Keele Campus. These students were actually learning about the methods, tools and techniques I have used on so many of my client engagements, so the topic could not have been more relevant and aligned to my career experiences.

What made this experience extra special for me, was that this was the first time that I was doing so under the banner of RK-TCS. The whole RK-TCS Management Team contributed to the preparation for this presentation. Andrew made sure we had giveaways and prizes available and Anne developed key questions for the students, so the session would be interactive, fun and engaging.

It was thrilling to spend time with the class – the students were curious, asked excellent questions and actively participated. I had a total blast and came away feeling great – and I knew for sure it was a success when I received the standing invitation from Dr. Benslimane to come visit his class again in future semesters. For sure, I look forward to visiting York University again soon!

By Rekha Kulshreshtha, President & Managing Partner, RK-TCS


Introducing the RK-TCS Website and Blog!

It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce the RK-TCS Website and Blog to the world today! Since our launch 2 years ago, we have been slowly but steadily developing different components of our business while supporting clients. We plan to use the website to share information about our services and the blog to communicate regularly with all of you about activities and developments that we are excited about and feel you will find interesting.

Our journey to this day started with Andrew Reed introducing us to Daniel Miranda Moreno of MWKS Creative ( over 2 years ago. We engaged Daniel to create our logo and branded document and presentation templates as our initial engagement. We knew Daniel understood who we are and what we do for our clients when we saw the company logo he created for us – the imagery of two hands collaborating and providing support and strength. We aspire to strengthen our clients’ ability to succeed through providing collaborative support through our consulting services. We knew then, that when we were ready, Daniel’s company would be building our website.

Fast forward a couple of years, a series of successful client engagements, a formalized management team, and a clearly defined vision of who we are and what we want to do, and it was time to call upon Daniel and his team to get started on the website.

It’s been a really exciting project – seeing our vision materialize into something that we feel is truly ours. We have spent countless hours selecting graphics, icons and word-smithing the content until we were all happy it represents the messages we want to convey.

Many, many thanks to Anne Katherine Bangayan who led the charge in getting us organized, putting together a project plan and working with Daniel and his team to keep us on track to launch this website. And of course, hats off to Daniel and his team for putting up with all our questions, feedback and revisions as we went through the process of developing content for the website. On behalf of the RK-TCS Management Team, I know we are thrilled and really proud of how it has turned out. We look forward to receiving feedback from our clients and consultants.

Visit us regularly at this website and watch for new blog posts – we have a plan to publish blogs regularly, authored by our management team members as well as some of our consultants.


By Rekha Kulshreshtha, President & Managing Partner, RK-TCS

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