December 7, 2018

Am I lost? Where am I right now?

by Anne B in Blogs

Ever wondered why you are here? What role do you play in the grand scheme of things? These are the thoughts that linger on my mind at 2:00 am as I examine where I am in my life and where I want to be while munching on my chocolate bar.

I’m now 30 years old, a mom, a wife among other things. The older generation will say, “you’re still young” and the younger generation will say “gosh you are getting old”. Both statements are true, but the reality for me is – I am at the right age with the right opportunities.

I started working at the age of 15 as a telemarketer – this is where I got my persuasive communication skills. After that, I became a student assistant at the dean’s office while studying nursing – this is where I got my customer service skills. I graduated at the age of 19, filled with determination and self-doubt. Worried that I may not pass the licensure exam, I took the first opportunity available, a customer service job for a US insurance company. That’s where I got my interest with the global business and what is out there for me. Eventually, I learned that I did pass the licensure exam for nurses. I then worked in the hospital for a few years, where I got my patience and process-oriented thinking. Fast forward several years, several heart aches and several roles – I landed a job in a well-known IT company where I got my project management skills. This is where I met a person who became my mentor. She taught me that a plan without a process will work but will not be replicable. I never forgot that, and I have used the same principle in all other positions I worked with. That was 4 years ago and several pounds before where I am right now.

So, where am I, really? I am at an imperfect state in my life and I love every bit of it. I work odd hours unlike when I had the perfect time boxed job. I am earning based on how much effort I am willing to exert and not how it’s defined by HR. I do not have a career that goes up in a corporate ladder, I have a profession based on the qualities I’ve unlocked in every chapter of my story. I work with the best people in the industry who are willing to invest their time to impart their legacy with me. I have the most unusual calling, and that is to support people. Fortunately, I was given the chance to pay it forward and make a difference to other people’s lives. Sharing opportunities that no company will grant them based on the ‘standards’ of our society. Among all these great things, the most important piece of the puzzle is time that I am able to spend with my family while I follow my exciting journey. I am where I want to be at this point in my life.

How did I ever get here? I defined what success is to me and followed the path of opportunities and failures that led me to the Anne that I am right now. How about you? How did you ever get to where you are today?


By Anne Katherine Bangayan, Executive Assistant, RK-TCS

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