The RK-TCS Story

If there is one thing that defines me, it is my need to bring order to chaos. The more complex the chaos, the more the challenge intrigues me and pushes me to find new and innovative ways to bring structure and organization to the environment. As a student of physics and engineering, science and technology is my foundation. Human behavior fascinates me as I feel like every person I meet in life teaches me something I didn’t know before.

I didn’t fall into the consulting profession by accident. It was a personality test done many years ago, which led me to explore this profession and realize it was right for me. I’ve done many roles and transitioned my career numerous times, covering a number of disciplines, but I’ve felt most alive when doing consulting work, helping my clients achieve greater success than they could have achieved without me.

I was fortunate to have a long list of mentors throughout my career who helped me hone my skills and encouraged me to achieve my potential. So I have always believed in ‘paying it back’ by mentoring others – be it through a coffee chat, a phone conversations, or an email exchange, I will always make time for those who need my help and guidance to achieve their goals.

These experiences paved the way for the launch of RK-TCS. I continue to be passionate about helping clients achieve their business objectives. As more and more consultants approached me with the desire to be part of my team and clients saw the value I can bring to them with a cohesive team, the vision for RK-TCS started to materialize.

I’m excited to continue on the consulting journey with RK-TCS, with the support of a strong management team and a roster of passionate and highly skilled consultants, ready to serve our clients needs.

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Who We Are?

Rekha Kulshreshtha – Our Founder

Rekha is an executive consultant with 30 years of experience in aligning cross-generational and cross-cultural teams towards a common goal, driving change from concept to implementation, by maximizing people power, establishing leading practices/processes and leveraging technology to drive business value for her clients.

Throughout her career, Rekha has demonstrated the ability to bring order to chaos in a client environment. She is able to provide her services and equip her clients with the knowledge to implement the plan flawlessly while being able to promote independence and continuity of the processes even after the project has closed.

For RK-TCS, she is the Founder and President who turned her life’s work into a company that provides excellent service to both its clients and consultants while making a great impact to their work environments and results. She combines her values and professional expertise to bring targeted, value-driven services aligned to client requirements and needs. Her life long application of project management, process development and change management skills allow her to bring the business to life as she understands and applies industry best practices throughout her career and now through RK-TCS engagements.

Rekha has a Bachelors in Science (Honors Physics) and a Bachelor in Engineering (Engineering Physics) from the University Of Alberta. She lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Her personal hobbies include travelling, reading, cooking and knitting while watching movies on television.

Andrew Reed – Business Operations Manager

Andrew is a Business Operations Manager with 6 years of industry experience in organizing, implementing processes while ensuring standard operating procedures are followed and making sure all important steps are taken to achieve the highest quality of work.

Throughout his career, Andrew has demonstrated his ability to improve standards based on metrics and practical application of processes. His attention to detail, diligence, great people skills and enthusiasm are key for him to get the work done efficiently while being able to implement the plan with the cooperation of various suppliers.

For RK-TCS, he works hand-in-hand with the RK-TCS Management Team to build a solid foundation of the RK-TCS brand essential for growth. He brings his deep experience in business operations, marketing and financial management in a small business environment to the RK-TCS Management Team. As Business Operations Manager, reporting to the President, he manages the back-office functions, including invoicing and P&L financial tracking and is responsible for maintaining a strict level of confidentiality. He is the primary leader responsible for arranging corporate events, such as holiday events, networking events, and dinners. He is also responsible for all design, development, procurement and acquisition of marketing materials, including business cards, logo-ware and office supplies. He monitors and manages the inventory of all RK-TCS physical assets, ensuring required resources are available as needed.

Andrew has a 2-year College Diploma from Seneca College, a Visual Merchandising Arts Diploma and continuing education in Business Studies from Seneca College. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His personal hobbies include traveling, wilderness hiking, exploring the city and trying different foods, different work opportunities and locations to visit.

Anne Katherine Bangayan – Project Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Anne is a project coordinator and executive assistant with 10 years of industry experience on bridging communication, time, and resource allocation gaps in teams by being the point person who manages the workflow and documentation for client projects and business, enabling a perpetually audit-ready environment.

Throughout her career, Anne has developed a long list of clients who have have achieved successful projects and grown their business with her support. Her reliability, dedication and attention to detail allows her clients to focus on the more strategic work for their projects as well as their business.

For RK-TCS, she works hand-in-hand with the RK-TCS Management Team to build a solid foundation of the RK-TCS brand essential for growth. She brings her expertise in bid and proposal management, document management, pricing, project coordination and deep understanding of the management consulting business to the RK-TCS Management Team. As Executive Assistant to the President, she is responsible for performing a number of administrative duties, including scheduling and management of meetings, coordinating communications, responding to emails and interfacing with clients and consultants. As Project Coordinator, she has responsibility for managing bids, resource profiles, organizing and managing RK-TCS documents and maintaining a strict level of confidentiality. She is dedicated to upholding the RK-TCS standards and making sure that all consultants have what they need to apply these in every engagement under the RK-TCS roof.

Anne has a Bachelors in Nursing from Centro Escolar University in Manila. She lives in Pasig City in the Philippines. Her personal hobbies include taking care of her young son, watching crime and suspense shows, hiking and cooking. She is passionate about making sure she gives back to the community by creating jobs for other Manila-based stay-at-home moms who have talent but lack access to home-based opportunities where they can demonstrate value and earn income.

Our Vision

To be the brand of choice for business transformation consulting services that is known for its’ quality and commitment – the team clients want to rehire and consultants want to be part of.

Our Mission

To deliver value to small, medium and large clients through consulting engagements, provide business and growth opportunities to our consultants, and continuously improve our processes, standards and reusable assets.

Our Values

Our commitment to our clients and consultants is not only based on quality but is strengthened by integrity, diligence, dedication and mutual respect. We have a culture of welcoming improvements, valuing lessons learned and continuously striving to do better in every engagement.

Our Purpose

We are a start-up transformation consulting services firm. Our brand image is based on a
structured foundation of methodology, experience, discipline, quality and relentless focus on
customer satisfaction.

Our reusable processes and standards have all been developed and refined over time and are
continuously being improved. We are a team that will provide support to consultants and
clients through every engagement.

We are also passionate about giving back to the community through outreach programs.

We offer project delivery and staff augmentation services, in the areas of project management,
strategic planning, business process analysis, organizational change management, training and